Cirebon administration to register Trusmi batik

22 Januari 2013, Comments: 0

The Cirebon regency administration plans to register Cirebon batik at the Justice and Human Rights Ministry to attain copyright protection in an effort to preserve cultural heritage.

Around 100 motifs of Cirebon batik, better known as Trusmi batik, will be registered by the Cirebon regency administration, in cooperation with the Cirebon Regency National Crafts Council (Dekranasda).

Cirebon regency Dekranasda head Sri Heviana Supardi said that the copyright registration was aimed at helping batik makers own their exclusive rights as well as a step in preserving preserve Cirebon cultural assets.

“This is an anticipatory step to prevent claims by other regions or irresponsible parties,” she said.

Dadang, who is also head of the Cirebon Cultural Council (DKC) said a region could protect its cultural assets by owning a copyright.

“A dispute from unilateral claims by other regions could be resolved by owning a copyright. The copyright could become a door to dialogue among the regions in resolving the one-sided claims. However, if a dispute takes place in another country, a copyright registered by a region is ineffective due to the limited authority of a region in settling a claim by another country,” said Dadang.

Separately, West Java Batik Foundation head and Cirebon batik expert Komarudin Kudiya said that registering the Cirebon batik showed that the regional administration had begun paying attention to the protection of its peoples works of art.

Komarudin said that to strengthen the position of batik as a cultural asset of a region or the nation, it was not enough to just to register a copyright.

“The government should start thinking about the need to give brand’s copyrights or batik patents so that in the event of a dispute involving foreign countries, our position would be stronger,” he added.

The measure of registering the copyright of batik was also warmly welcomed by batik makers and artists. Trusmi batik artist Iman B. Masdiko said batik makers appreciated the government’s plan to provide protection for batik.

Cirebon batik is better known as Trusmi batik because its production center is located in Trusmi, Plered district, Cirebon regency. The Trusmi batik craft center is the biggest of its kind in West Java. The center is home to around 700 batik makers who have been engaged in the profession from generation to generation.

The batik craft in Trusmi is estimated to date back to the 14th century along with the fall of the
Cirebon Kasepuhan sultanate. Batik craftsmanship originally developed within the palace circle and spread to the wider community up to coastal areas. The Trusmi batik is known for two motifs, namely the keratonan (royal) and pesisiran (coastal).





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