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pak-hardyan-dede-yusufFor the people Pekalongan batik is nothing new. Batik has been there since time immemorial. Batik is part of the history of the people of Pekalongan. Therefore, knowledge of batik was taught early elementary school students. A. Understanding Batik Batik is an applied art (craft) present in almost all areas in the archipelago with a variety of decorative patterns, motifs, techniques, and materials. This is due to batik as an art craft with textile materials become part of the basic human needs, the need for clothing. So we are not familiar with the term or word batik. What exactly is the meaning of batik that? In the review of the process and understanding noun, batik patterned cloth interpreted as. The team of authors from Harapan Kita Foundation explained that batik comes from the root word Javan tick that had understanding of the work associated with a smooth, soft, and contains a small element of beauty. This understanding departed from the process of making batik with canting shed with wax to form a style that consists of the arrangement of points and lines. Batik as a noun is the result of drawing a decorative pattern on the fabric using a canting as a means of drawing and night as an obstacle. In the strict sense of tradition, is the whole process of batik pattern making, goal setting, selection of ornaments, pemalaman with canting writing, the use of natural dyesnatural dyes, until pelorodan. So generally synonymous with dyed batik technical hurdles to include dyes, waxes, and fabrics as its object. Through the technical process is displayed on a decorative fabric. According to Dr. Kusnan Asa, archaeologists, researchers and post-graduate professor UGM in his cross Pekalongan Batik in their understanding of the history of batik is composed of two words joined together, the word ba and tick that they almost did not have any meaning. Ba is derived from the Formaterial and tick off point. When two words are combined into a single meaningful point abbreviated materials and batik. Another opinion says comes from the Javanese batik ambatik derived from the word amba and points. Amba (Java) to describe a wide fabric (width), means drawing a cloth with little dots. There is also the opinion of batik comes from the word meaning tritik made fabric with a small dot pattern. There also gives light as a shorthand word batik many points. Various opinions about batik above implies essentially the same. Batik is a fabric that was given motif ornamental elements starting point. In art lessons in mind that the form begins with a dot. Even point is one very important element in art.

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